Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's Official

With Ambassador Riley and Mrs. Riley in Fez. That's my bodygaurd on the right!

View from host family's roof

I know it's been a while so I thought I would write a quick update. I am now officially a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV). I was sworn-in on November 25 in Fez by US Ambassador Thomas Riley and Peace Corps Country Director Bruce Cohen. Training is over and now the fun begins. I am now in my final site, a small village of about 3000 people. It's in the south of Morocco located between Ouarzazate and Errachidia. My amenities are limited, no running water, but the location is absolutely beautiful. I'm surrounded by desert land filled with palm trees and am nestled between two mountain ranges. I'm also very close to the Todra gorge. There are no paved roads in my community and all the houses are made out of mud, sort of adobe style. It still gets very cold down here but it's not so bad during the day when the sun is shining. Right now, my priorities are to hire a tutor to teach me Tamazight/Teshlahit (Berber dialects spoken in my region) and to find a house. I'm finding both tasks to be very difficult. I have found a few teachers in the area that speak a little English but because they are from bigger cities such as Casablanca and Rabat, they don't speak Berber. Finding a Berber speaker that also speaks English will be a challege. I'm currently living with a host family until the end of January. After then, I will be able to have my own place. The problem with that is I live in a very small community where all family members live under the same roof. Housing is very limited. It's quite unheard of for someone to live on their own, especially a female living on her own. I'm still in the process of explaining the whole thing. In shalla (god willing) I will find a tutor and a house. I love a challenge.


At 7:17 PM, Blogger hale said...

Well, it is the 23rd of December in NC-USA and Christmas season is in full bloom wth all of the sounds and sights and smells you have known all your life. I hope you will have a GREAT Christmas and a good 2006.

You evidently graduated in the same class with Nam - his posts described the whole thing.

Have had good friends who graduated from Salem College long before you - and they all rave about it. I live near Chapel Hill on the Durham side.

Hope you have good luck soon finding living quarters. What are you going to do for the PC?

Bloggin The Maghreb

At 9:00 AM, Blogger Sara said...

Thanks for the comment. Nam and I were in the same stage. He's quite the character. He's constantly brightening my day with his crazy text messages. Hope that you're enjoying North Carolina. I loved my years there, especially at Salem. Durham is great for those Bulls games!

At 10:40 AM, Blogger Ahmed said...

Hi Sara,
i read your blog and found it as a Moroccan quite funny. I am a Amazigh living in Holland and i liked your blog, for various reasons, because you r describing my country through eyes of a western person(just like me), the pics are also very nice, and you r also very beautiful just like Morocco :).

But anyhow: you are always welcome in Morocco. What is your origin?
It sounds to me as arabic isnt it?

Thalla Frassek Alala Sara,

Ahmed men Hollanda


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