Monday, November 21, 2005

What I've Learned So Far

*When it's cold outside, it's colder inside.

*4 AM feedings aren't just for drunk college kids.

*It doesn't matter which way you approach it, there's just no getting around not peeing on your left foot when using the turkish toilet.

*Never say "hey, I like this song" in a cyber cafe. You will hear it over and over and over. Nobody can handle that much Celine Dion.

*The National Pastime may be soccer but "rock throwing" comes in at a close second.

*Enough salt and cumin will make anything edible.

*Don't repeat anything you hear. You might end up converted or married and not know it.

*There's no such thing as privacy. There's no such thing as privacy.

*Don't yell out "where's my shotgun when I need it" when you see a wild turkey in front of your house.

*Bad Moroccan boy bands and soap operas DO exist.

*It's okay to wear your PJ's all day, everyday, day after day.

*Going to the "Big D" don't mean Dallas! Diarrhea becomes part of your everyday language and experience. Let me tell you, it ain't easy using the turk when you have the Big D. Nor is it recommended to have the Big D on a 9 hour bus ride.


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