Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Views from the Bus

I went to visit my final site this past week and the scenery from my 9 hour bus ride was amazing. I started off in Azrou and went south to Tinghir. I saw everything from desert scapes and palm trees to snow-capped mountains. At one point, I saw the desert in the foreground and out of no where this mountain covered in snow pops up. It's quite a contrast but breath taking nontheless. The return trip was even more incredible. Apparently, while I was in the south, it snowed a lot up in the north. Everything was covered in snow. For those of you who thought I was going to the desert and was going to be sweating the whole time, think again! It is freaking cold here! Although I've always enjoyed the beauty of winter, I've never been able to cope with it very well. There's just too much Florida blood in me. Currently, as I'm sitting in this freezing cold internet cafe and writing this blog, I have on two sets of long underwear (both tops and bottoms), a sports bra, undershirt, t-shirt, long-sleeve t-shirt, sweater, scarf, hat, cords, wool socks, winter boots and a double lined winter jacket and I'm still freezing my buns off! Most of the Moroccan buildings are built out of concrete and there's no form of insulation. There's apparently no heating systems in Morocco either. Add to what I have on a themal sleeping bag, two heavy blankets, a throw blanket and a carpet and that's how I try to go to sleep every night. I can't wait to get back to my final site which is a swiya (little) bit warmer!


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